Pong in Philly

Just a cool stop for people traveling to Philadelphia between April 19 and 24. The 29-story skyscraper, the Cira Centre, will be turned into the platform for a giant version of a gaming classic from Atari. Pong.

We all know and love Pong, even a young writer like myself played this game for hours on my newer, more modern computer. And was the nostalgia that helped Frank Lee, a professor of game design at Drexel University, come up with the idea.

 “Pong is a cultural icon, cultural milestone. This is my love letter to the wonders of technology as seen through the eyes of my childhood.”

The game will be recreated using LED lights on the surface of the building, and took 5 years to put into motion. It is estimated that about 150 people will play over those few days, and players will be selected by a lottery, with the exception of a few students in the technology, engineering, science, and math fields, of course. Personally, I think it would be cooler to use the windows and lights indoors, but who can complain when there’s a giant video game on a building?