Five Nights at Freddy’s Scares the Mess Out of Me

This game has been terrifying people for a couple of months now, and I’ve been avoiding writing about it because, frankly, it scares me, and I didn’t want to play it because of that.

Okay, yes, I’m a wimp. I get it. But jump scares really get me. That’s why I admittedly have never finished Outlast, Anna, or even Slender. They just really scare me, and I don’t want to sleep. So I ended up playing all of these games in broad daylight with the lights on. It’s the only way I can do it.

But back to the actual game:


I like the idea behind it, I really do. So for those that don’t know, there’s a pizza place named Freddy Fazzbear’s Pizza, pretty much a parody of Chuck E. Cheese, where the animatronic characters come to life at night. Well, the place needs a night security guard that can’t defend himself against the characters and is pretty much rooted to the spot in the security office. And that kind of sucks, because the animatronics think you’re one of them and want to stuff you “back” into one of the suits (which would kill you because of complicated reasons explained by the previous security guard) because they think you’re breaking the rules.

So basically, you’re keeping them out of the security room, and away from you, by watching them on the security system, checking hallways by turning on lights, and opening and closing the doors to the security room. Sound easy, right? Ehh…not exactly. See, you have a certain amount of electrical power that you can use during your shift (midnight to 6am), and pretty much everything you do uses up power. And on top of that, each day gets harder than the last.

There’s a plot behind it, but that doesn’t matter. Nothing matters except the fact that these animatronics are coming to kill you. Want to know why? Doesn’t matter, they want to put you into one of their bodies. The real question is why did this guy even show up for day 2 of the job, let alone 5 nights? I mean, I would’ve been out after the first night, screaming, “NOPE NOPE NOPE,” as I stormed out, middle fingers in the air, and making sure to let the owner know exactly how I felt in a strongly worded phone call, email, letter, and text message, all at the same time.

And another thing. Why does Freddy’s even need a security guard in the first place? I don’t think they’d get much crime with killer robots roaming the restaurant. The owner clearly didn’t think this one through. But that’s a whole new article in the making.

Long story short, this game does its job. It scares people. And what’s even better, you can see it coming and still get scared. It’s a great game, is getting tons of attention, and isn’t a $60+ major release. So go ahead and spend $5 and get scared for hours. Totally worth it. And while you’re at it, check this out:

Fnaf2 (1)

That’s right. There’s a sequel coming.


((Side note: I almost peed myself getting the images for this article…))


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