Gamer Spotlight: ChilledChaos

For a while now, I’ve been thinking of something different to do besides the tried and true game reviews and announcements. Something to add more content and length to my posts. Then it hit me. I’m a journalist. Why not do something…you know…journalistic? And thus, the idea of Gamer Spotlight was born.

My first victim is the well-known YouTuber and Twitch streamer, ChilledChaos. Let me just say that after about two and a half hours of talking with him (notice I didn’t say interviewing), I realized he really is a sweet, funny, and,well, chill guy. I mean, he sat through my ramblings about my weird pets and about how Tyler was deprived of Pokemon as a child.

But hey, down to business. I did ask some actual questions, after all. And for the sake of it being three in the morning and having to listen to a ton of audio, this, as well as future Spotlights, will be in Q&A format.

Q: What is your favorite game you’ve streamed so far, and what is your favorite game in general?

A: It’s usually Indie games. Anything that’s not $60, I kind of consider Arcade or Indie. So The Walking Dead last week was good, I guess a year ago, Papers Please was fun. I guess,contradicting what I just said, I do like doing relaxing games as well. We were streaming, with the Derp Crew, games like Uno and Monopoly, anything where you could be yourself.

Q: How much do you end up having to cut out of your videos?

A: Well, when I play with the Derp Crew, not a lot gets cut out. Probably the Minecraft series is the most you’re ever going to see see cut out. We probably, maybe, recorded for three hours that session, and I maybe cut out a half an hour. Derp Crew usually gets untouched simply because we’re a group of friends. We’re a pretty good group of friends, and our conversations flow. There’s no downtime, there’s not, well, there’s bickering and people getting upset at things, but there’s not a lot of people sitting there not knowing what to say or trying to strive for attention. No one is trying to make the ultimate joke. We’re just having a conversation.

When I play with other people, pretty much anyone else, a lot of it gets cut. I would say, an example, we played Garry’s Mod yesterday. We played for about an hour and I’m gonna get around three videos out of that and they’re gonna be around eight minutes each, so I would say two thirds of it gets cut out. Whether it be downtime, whether it be someone just singing in the background, if something doesn’t make sense, when you cut to make certain sections flow better. So I would say about two thirds of what I normally upload gets cut because, one, it doesn’t make sense, two, it just doesn’t make a good video, and three, if you are editing it, it’s really hard to edit something when  you have like an hour of footage there.

Q: You’re pretty popular on YouTube, do you ever get recognized on the street?

A: Yeah, it happened a couple times. The coolest time it’s happened so far, and the most awkward. So I was at the gym and, you know, just trying to get back into the swing of things and just trying to be myself and be all fit as they say. And all of a sudden, my phone does this “bzzt bzzt”, and then I see this picture:

Working OutAnd I was just like, “Huh…that’s awkward and weird.” That was probably the most awkward encounter. Cause then you know someone’s in your town, someone’s looking at you and you’re just like, “uh-oh.”

The cool ones in person, I was in a GameStop and there was a little kid, which is kinda weird because, you know, I guess it’s ok that little kids watch you. He had to be like 12 or 13. But I was waiting in line to buy something and he’s like, “Oh my god, are you ChilledChaos?” And I’m like, “Yeeaaahhh.” And he was like, “Can I take a picture?” and we took a picture together and he goes and checks out. When I get to the cashier, he’s like, “Who are you?” and I was just, “Oh, I’m just some idiot who does stuff on the internet.” That was cool.

There’s another time I was at this place called Trampoline World, it’s like the entire place is a trampoline park. That place is awesome. It’s like you get to be a child again. I was probably one of the older people there because for the most part, you have some young kids, and then you have the mothers that watch the young kids, and maybe some other 20-year-olds. And we were playing dodgeball, so it’s like me, two other 20-year-olds, and a bunch of anywhere form the age of 8 to 15-year olds, and you’re just pelting them with dodgeballs cause that’s just what you do. And I got yelled at by, I guess, one of the supervisors that was there cause…I guess I headshotted a kid, and they’re like, “You’re out. Can’t do that.” “Wait, what? I didn’t know I couldn’t do that!” And I guess the way I said it, it must’ve sounded like something I’ve said once before, like an eccentric tone. And one of the 20-year-olds was like, “Do you do YouTube?” *deep sigh* And yeah, we talked after. It’s fun.

It’s pretty fantastic, it’s a whole different experience. People “idolize” you, and I’m just some guy. I mean, right now I’m in my boxers. You’re just some guy in your boxers playing video games. So to me, there’s nothing special about me, but in someone else’s eyes, there’s something inherently special, so you have to make every interaction special to them.

 Q: Why ChilledChaos?

A: Why ChilledChaos. Oh boy. The name that I picked out came about in the year 2004. Whenever I got high scores, as a kid, I used to use [his initials] and “kid” at the end. That was the way that I kind of signed myself. The I realized that if I wanted to make a gamertag, cause this was gonna be on XboxLIVE, I kind of needed something better. I didn’t want to use my email address because it was childish because I’ve had it since I was like 7 years old. It was the family email, and everyone got one, I didn’t want to use that.

I was originally going to go with “IronHawk”. I don’t know why. Just thought of two random things, iron and hawk, and it sounded cool. And I had a friend whose name was IronPhoenix, and I was like, “Alright, I’ll be IronHawk, and together we’re gonna soar through the skies,” or whatever I was thinking about when I was 13. It just hit me, and I don’t know why, ChilledChaos just made sense. And, I don’t know, it was like an epiphany, like, “ChilledChaos. Ok.” And…I really don’t have a reason why. It just hit me, and it stuck, and it sounded good. I wish I had a better origin story, but I don’t. Angsty 13-year-old, that’s about it.

Q: Are there any games you’re looking forward to or hoping to get your hands on?

A: Ooh! The game I’m most looking forward to, actually there’s a couple. This is going to be a good year for games. You got the Master Chief Collection, which is gonna be my go-to FPS. I played Destiny Beta, I maybe played about 15 hours of it before it came out. I was super pumped, the game launched, it’s still unopened, sitting back there [behind him on a shelf]  in its box. Just an unopened box because I have no interest in it now. I thought that was going to be my FPS game, but it’s not.

You have Grand Theft Auto: V coming out on PC, I can not wait for that. World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenar is coming out. [Super secret part that I promised I wouldn’t release until he puts up the video, but let me tell you, it’s goooooood.] Besides that, I like just looking through the Steam games. Pretty much the main releases. Nothing that’s too much off the radar.

Q: So nothing about Super Smash that’s coming out soon? And Hyrule Warriors that already came out?

A: Oh crap! Well, uhh, no Hyrule Warriors. It’s one of those games where you can just lose track of time, and the last time I played Dynasty Warriors was the summer of 2006 ,and I played it just to get the achievements on the Xbox 360.

But Super Smash Bros., yes! I even bought this recently. It may look like a normal 3DS to you, and even opens as a normal 3DS, but right here, a USB out. So it’s a 3DS that has a built in capture card, so I’ll be able to record, edit, stream, and play any 3DS game. So that’s what the Derp Crew and I will be doing this Friday. Playing some Super Smash Bros. I feel like I’m gonna break this though. I feel like I’m gonna break this because I’m very rough on a GameCube controller, so I feel like I spent a lot of money getting a capture card installed and I’m gonna break it. So I am looking forward to that. But I am more looking forward to the WiiU release, simply because you now get a GameCube controller again, and I’m gonna play that to my heart’s content.


That’s about where we started talking about pets and life and hail the size of softballs and the “banned from playing Pokemon” thing. I really enjoyed this interview, and I’m really looking forward to having more experiences like this to share with you guys.

So, to suggest who I should interview next, feel free to leave a comment below. I’m going to leave some links for you so you can get some of Chilled in your life:





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