New Addiction: The Sims 4

Ok, this may be a little bias since I’ve played every Sims game and expansion since The Sims 2, but I have to say I can not put this game down. So how am I going to do this thing? I’ll break it down on continuity/featuresgraphics/gameplay, and room for expansions.

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The Sims 4, released in North America September 2, is the latest in the Sims lineup. It hosts a lot of new characters, towns, and new ways to create. Like totally new. In fact, the creators wanted it to feel like a completely new game, and in a way, they succeeded.


I feel like they somewhat succeeded in making the game something new while still keeping it classic. It still feels like a Sims game, just a different Sims game. It’s hard to describe, but if you played it, you’d understand.

Pretty much everything in this game, continuity-wise, is new. The only sims from past games are the Goth family, and even with that, they’re not completely the same.

Ok. Now the features have been getting a lot of controversy from fans. Some features seen as basic ones (pools, the toddler age, basements, and actions such as going to school, work, and stores in an open world, for example) have been taken out to make room for other features that I think are pretty worth it.

In Create-A-Sim, sliders are pretty much gone. Yeah. You customize your sims by actually clicking and dragging on them. So basically, customization just got a whole lot more accurate. But you can still select preset features like eyes and mouths, cause let’s face it, those suck to create.

In addition to that, emotions have been added, which affect the way your sims react to the world and the way they walk. Oh, and the best part, by far, is the autosave feature. Yeah. No more staying up all night working on a house, only to have your computer crash and everything is gone because you didn’t feel the need to pull an Elder Scrolls and save every 5 minutes. Yeah. It saved my life.


Ok. I’ve already clocked a lot of hours into this game, and it still hasn’t gotten old. The gameplay, while familiar, has changed quite a bit since the last game. The menus and options have changed a bit, and placing objects has been made a bit more difficult in my opinion.  It’s harder to turn objects, the layout is different, and when you first open the game, it just feels weird. But after a while of playing, it starts feeling right.

The graphics have gotten better, though minorly. They’re just a step above The Sims 3, but the beauty is in the characters themselves. The sims actually move and act like real people. Well, real people if they could live in a video game.

Pretty much all the new features fall into the gameplay category, so I don’t really know what else I can say without repeating myself.

Room for Expansion

Every avid Sims player knows that there’s always expansion packs that come later on when new features are thought up. While that means more money that we spend, it also means more features that aren’t included in the base game. So, let’s see, there’s the basics such as Pets, World Adventures, Supernatural, and University Life that are pretty much going to happen unless EA wants to deal with a bunch of angry people. So basically, everything missing from the base game can be added with the expansion packs. No need to worry, guys.

Ok. Long story short, I love this game. But I don’t feel like I can give it an actual rating because of my connections to it. But just know that for the casual gamer, this is probably one of the most perfect things for you. Just sit back and take care of your pretend family that is probably based on your real family.


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