Music and Games

Video Games Live logo

Video Games Live logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems like video games and music go hand in hand. But since people don’t really play games for the soundtrack, many gamers miss out on doubling an amazing experience. It’s subconsciously there, the music. You know Super Mario Bros. from Skyrim just by listening to them, and you know that rush you feel when the music swells as you rush into the boss battle. You could silently thank the composers whenever you play your games, or you could find out when Video Games Live is coming to your town and thank one of the composers yourself.

I know you hear about things like this being an experience like no other, but this is truly an experience like no other. When I first heard about VGL, I expected to dress in classy attire and sit in an auditorium quietly while the orchestra played themes from our favorite video games. I was satisfied with it, this wasn’t my first orchestral concert, but I didn’t know just how wrong I was until a week before the event when more information was given to me.

A friend of mine from the Louisiana Cosplay Community sent me a picture of her all dressed up as the male trainer from upcoming Pokemon X and Y. Seeing as the game was just announced, I was impressed at how quickly she had put together her costume. She then asked me who I was going as. I didn’t know there was a cosplay contest. Not only that, but I didn’t know there was a Guitar Hero contest, I also didn’t know there was a light show and gameplay going on during the whole thing. Flute Link even made an appearance. Lastly, there were the meet-and-greets.

I was surprised at how well it turned out. The creators really brought two cultures together through one common thing. Music. I recommend this event to everyone. Find a date close to you, get your costumes ready, and get ready to enjoy some music.


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