A New (Old) Pokemon Revealed

It was early this morning, about 4, that I heard my phone going crazy. Maybe it was an emergency, so I opted to check it. When I did, it was only Facebook. So of course I was disgruntled, but still checked it anyway. That’s when I saw this plastered all over my wall:


Look familiar? Everyone hoped it would. Apparently it’s the new form of Mewtwo for the upcoming games Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, originally a legendary pokemon that was created in a lab and is basically God’s clone. But since it was revealed with no name on yesterday’s episode of “Pokemon Smash”, some fans have dubbed this new form “Mewthree”. While some are excited that the company is revamping an older generation pokemon, others are less happy about the situation.

Those that are happy with the change feel that the design is cool. It is a way to bring the newer generation into what the ’90s kids grew up with. But that’s about all they are happy about, the design. They aren’t really concerned with the fact that it is a complete do-over from an already amazing character, but hey, the design’s cool.

Those that are not happy with this change or possible new creation feel that Nintendo has honestly run out of ideas. This is what they came up with after asking fans to submit their ideas? A revamp of an older pokemon as opposed to one of the millions of amazing and original fan created ones. Others argue that it is what the character stood for, not his looks. Mewtwo helped children realize that it it not where you come from, but what you do with your life. And it wasn’t his looks that made kids of the ’90s realize this.

“I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.” – Mewtwo Pokemon: The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back

Also, we are all aware that every game has been turned into a television series or movie, and nearly every pokemon has been included. How would this new form come to play? Fans have started making their own theories about this. Perhaps it is a clone of Mewtwo, and truly is Mewthree. Or maybe Mewtwo just got a makeover. Well we all know how well playing, controlling, and cloning God went the first time, so you would think all of the villainous groups would have learned their lessons by now. So we’re probably leaning towards the makeover bit.

We’ll all know the real story soon enough. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y come out for the 3DS in October this year, so be ready to start a new adventure.

To see this new pokemon in action:


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